Friday, November 03, 2006

"Life" in the fast lane

Do you think you have what it takes to be the "YOUR OCCUPATION HERE to the Stars?"

As has been well documented in the pages of this blog, I have a gift for spotting celebrities on my trains. In fact, as many of you know, I am the self-proclaimed "Conductor to the Stars."
Tonight, I must admit, I even surprised myself. Meet John Gilchrist (photo below.) John is an Advertising Executive with the ESPN Network in Manhattan, and he was a passenger on my 6:07 train home tonight. Because I am gifted in the art of star spotting, I immediately recognized John as his alter-ego.

Can you?

If you can guess where you've seen John before, you just might have what it takes to be the next "________to the Stars!"

Need a hint?

John was a child actor.

Got it now?

Here are a few more hints:

  1. Urban legend claims that John died from mixing Pop Rocks and Coca Cola. (Rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.)

  2. He starred in a TV commercial (with his brothers) in which he didn't even have a speaking part.

  3. He likes "life."

Sorry, but if you don't have the answer by now, you're just not worthy of the "To the stars" title.


"He likes it!...Hey Mikey!"

Thanks to John Gilchrist for giving me permission to use his name and likeness in this post.


Anonymous said...

You're good..can't say that I would have recognized him on my own, but now that you point it out, he hasn't changed a bit (other than growing older with the rest of us)!!!

Liked Life cereal back then...still do!

Hey Mikey!!! Thanks for the memories!!!

Anonymous said...

They really should pay you more on that railroad!

Do the "stars" mind being harassed by a conductor on their rides with you?

Bobby said...

"Harassed"is such a harsh word, "Pestered" is more like it.
If you go back into the "Derailed" archives, you can find plenty of my celebrity encounter stories.

I always try to be polite and discreet (okay, maybe taking Mikey's picture wasn't too discreet) but most celebrities are kind enough to chat with me. Some celebs who didn't like being pestered were... Phil Donahue, Donna Summer,David Groh (he played Valerie Harper's husband on "Rhoda.")

Tony Alva said...

I would have spilled coffee in Phil Donahue's lap and took a picture of that.

If Mikey let you snap a photo I'm ready to call him a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Not bad! Have you ever had two stars in one day on your trains? Not only did I have two, but they were on the Upper Harlem (know where that is?). I had Sam Waterston in the morning and Tyne Daly in the afternoon. Not too shabby for a Harlem Line Conductor, huh?