Thursday, September 02, 2010

Physical Graffiti

This is worse than the time I dented my wife's newly purchased RAV4.

Fresh off the boat from Japan, some hooligan has already "tagged" one of the new M8 cars with graffiti.  It's not clear where the train was when the vandals struck.  Some say it was in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (where I guess it was unloaded).  Others say in happened in the New Haven rail yard (insert wisecrack about yard security here).

Let's hope the dope spray painted his signature on his "artwork" so the cops can find him easily.

I hear that a team of graffiti-removal specialist has already been dispatched to scrub down the side of the train. I wonder if they can pull a dent out of RAV4?

P.S.  Read comments for more information.