Thursday, September 02, 2010

Physical Graffiti

This is worse than the time I dented my wife's newly purchased RAV4.

Fresh off the boat from Japan, some hooligan has already "tagged" one of the new M8 cars with graffiti.  It's not clear where the train was when the vandals struck.  Some say it was in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (where I guess it was unloaded).  Others say in happened in the New Haven rail yard (insert wisecrack about yard security here).

Let's hope the dope spray painted his signature on his "artwork" so the cops can find him easily.

I hear that a team of graffiti-removal specialist has already been dispatched to scrub down the side of the train. I wonder if they can pull a dent out of RAV4?

P.S.  Read comments for more information.


Bill said...


Certainly NOT the Brooklyn Navy Yard! I live about 10 minutes from it and that would NEVER happen there.. well, almost never.. well, ok, maybe..


Bobby said...

One of my esteemed colleagues has shed a little more light on the situation. He writes:

The cars came by way of Baltimore and CSX, they left Baltomre clean.
Now there may be a lot of red signals enroute with cars being on rear of train.
Selkirk would not be a problem but being held at Springfield.Mass , Hartford yard or Cedar... hill, might.
Todays trains have a barrier coat and the Graffity should remove easy with a special soap and steam cleaner.

Thanks Jacob!

Andrew Sellars said...

This is an complete and total outrage. They did not even get the chance to go into service before some idiot did grafitti on them. I hope that Metro-North prosecutes this crime, and the make whoever did this pay. Well thats if they could find them. Alright other than that how are things going for you Bobby.

Moving Companies said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the tagging was done in Baltimore, MD. The Port Of Baltimore was where it arrived, but this tagging occurred when CSX transferred the pair from the Port Of Baltimore to Bayside Yard, which is in a very seedy part of Baltimore, and it was there when the vandal scum did their thing!! (Shoot the bastards IMHO!!)

Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps saying it happened at Cedar Hill, Hartford, Brooklyn Navy Yard, yaddah yaddah!!

As previously stated, the vandalism happened at Bayside Yard (CSX), Baltimore MD. sometime after the pair was transferred from the Port Of Baltimore to Bayside Yard (and mentioned also, in a not so nice part of Baltimore) while the pair was awaiting pickup and transport to Selkirk Yard (Albany NY, later shipped to Springfield MA and then southward to NH from there) by CSX road manifest freight Q438 (Hamlet NC to Selkirk)