Thursday, May 23, 2013

Metro North Derailment and Collision 5/17/2013

Lest we think that train collisions on the New Haven Line are something new; here's a picture I pulled out of the family archive. My grandmother Bridget "Bessie" Linehan McKernan was injured in this wreck in Milford, CT, Feb 1916. Nine people were killed, and the injured were treated at Laurleton Hall High School, which was set up as a make-shift triage center. It is rumored that Bessie's hair turned white overnight.


Jenn Cline said...

Always interesting to see things from the other side. Love the connection to the older story, especially about Bridget(never get to hear stories like that of the family).

JPizzle said...

Very scary pictures and very glad it wasn't as bad as it probably could have been. Even scarier that if I was still working in NYC, I would have been on that 4:41 out of GCT. Do you think if both trains were anything lower than M8s, that the damage and injuries would have been much more catastrophic?