Friday, May 18, 2012

The psychic conductor

I had to wake up a really drunk guy yesterday to get his fare. His ticket said he was going to Bridgeport, so I told him to stay awake or he'd miss his stop. He asked me to wake him up when we got to his station. I told him that I was a little busy so he'd have to stay awake. Sure enough, he was fast asleep when we pulled into I woke him up. I guess he didn't remember our previous conversation, since at first he seemed amazed that I knew where he was going, like I was a psychic or something.

  "Wow! He said, "Do you know me?"

 Then his attitude changed and he seemed annoyed, and acted as if I was racially profiling him since he was Hispanic, and I must have assumed he was going to Bridgeport. Ugh! Next time I'll let him sleep past his stop.

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Andrew Sellars said...

Wow. Dealing with a drunk person like that. I would have let him sleep. Its like that famous catch phrase "no good deed goes unpunished."