Friday, March 20, 2009

A pictorial week in review

I thought I'd share some images from the "My pictures" page of my cell phone. Most of these shots were taken in the past week:

This is Noah (at least I think that's what his name is) and he's a real rail aficionado. Each week his mother brings him to Grand Central to see the choo choos. The jar in his hand is filled with seat checks that he collects from all the conductors. He knows that each conductor has their own punch design and he likes to see all the different shapes they create.

This was the scene outside Grand Central on Tuesday as high school bands and The Orange County Ancient Order of Hibernians lined up on Vanderbilt Avenue, getting ready to march down 5th Avenue.

This is a video I shot of the Westchester County Fire Department's Emerald Society bagpipe band. Sorry for the poor quality, but they were standing outside Grand Central in what used to be the taxi stand. There wasn't much natural light there.

Fairfield, CT- (AP)March 17, 2009
Tragically, "Lucky" the Lucky Charm's leprechaun mascot, was struck and killed by a Metro North train today. MTA police pieced a suicide note together from multi-colored marhsmallow bits found at the scene. Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers, were strewn across the tracks. According to General Mills, Lucky had been despondent and suffering from paranoia. He was recently overheard complaining: "They're always after me Lucky Charms...ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS!"
An MTA police sergeant claimed the suicide note was "magically delicious."

I found this fedora in the luggage rack on one of my trains yesterday. I noticed it was my size, so I thought I'd try it on before turning it in to Lost&Found. I'm bald, so there's no chance of cootie transferal. A name was embossed on the leather head band, so if it's yours...and you can prove it, you can pick it up in Grand Central.


Steve said...

Have you been losing weight?

Anonymous said...

You are one handsome hombre! :>)

Anonymous said...

did ron yee approve of that hat?

Anonymous said...

Awesome fedora. More men need to start wearing fedoras again, I think.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Lucky. Sadly, while on an Amtrak Acela Express on Christmas Eve, we struck and killed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (and Dasher and Dancer as well). Seems Rudy was so accustomed to the red glow off of his nose, he failed to stop at the flashing red lights at a rural crossing in Eastern CT. w all thought Santa should have been in the air, but St. Nick told investigators they stopped for water for the reindeer and were ramping up to take off when the incident occurred. truly sorrowful.

Bobby said...

In response to the comments.

Comment#1. Yes, I have lost weight, 20lbs since Jan.1st. Through diet and exercise.

#2. Contrary to popular opinion...I didn't write the second comment.

#3. Ron Yee didn't approve the hat...but he should.

#4. I agree. Maybe I've started a new trend.

#5. Sorry to hear about Rudolph. On the bright side, I hear you have plenty of venison stocked in your freezer.

Susan said...

Lucky must have left a big green stain somewhere... we watched our regular afternoon train mow over a big trash can recently. We were amazed at how it just got sucked under the train. I suppose I was half expecting it to fly up into the air, or shatter into a million pieces. Thanks for the entertaining blog. The weight loss looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

Good to see another post... I enjoy the blog. But please don't make us wait another month+ for the next. Spending too much time at the gym? ;)