Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss July

Miss Late Night train, July 2008:

Favorite activities: Partying! Partying! and Partying!

Guilty Pleasures: Little black dresses. Stiletto heels.

Favorite Books: Um...You mean like reading and stuff?

Favorite TV show: Sex and The City.

Foods I crave: Jello shots.

Ambition: To not sleep past my station stop. Oh yeah...and end world hunger.

Turn ons: Bar Cars, Long Island Ice tea.

Turn offs: Mean conductors, gravity, sobriety.

Ideal man: Jim Beam, Johnny Walker and this guy:

Photo credits: Adam Welsh. Jamie V.


Unknown said...

Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...


Neva said...

Odd positions to sleep in!

Tony Alva said...

This has got to be why you get up and go to work everyday! Folks like these are probably more interesting than the celebs!

Jeff said...

She loves stilettos, but her ideal guy is wearing NO shoes. This lady is in deed mixed up.

Anonymous said...

look @ the two clowns who took those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Is that Rowayton Lady?.. U know the boyfriend drops her off at the train..wasted ...and then leaves her!! love ya