Monday, December 17, 2007

Dan Fogelberg 1951-2007

I know it's not cool to say you like Dan Fogelberg's music anymore. People claim that it's elevator music, and lump him in the same category as Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand and other "easy listening" favorites from the 70's. To me though, Fogelberg's music means beautiful poetry, played by a master musician. As anyone who had seen him in concert can attest, the man could make a 12 string guitar sound like an orchestra, and he was equally adept at the keyboards. It was his lyrics that really set him apart from the others though. Nobody(with the possible exception of Jackson Browne) could speak to the matters of the heart more poignantly.

Yesterday, Dan Fogelberg passed away at age 56 from prostate cancer. He takes with him a big part of my youth.

In the holiday spirit, I give you "Another Auld Lang Syne."


Cara Maria McDonough said...

I love Dan Fogelberg! Especially that song...My mom had a record and I got into it because she liked him. I had no idea he died. Thanks for the tribute, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed his music and thought he was something special, a poet.
I was sorry to hear he is gone.

Anonymous said...

I knew before I clicked on your blog that there would be an ode to Dan fogelberg. Here's to a fellow Mainer! May his songs live on.

Tony Alva said...

Ain't nothing wrong with Fogel at all. Wrote, recorded, performed, his own stuff on real instruments a rare thing these days when Madonna gets an invite to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

I loved Dan, too!! Very touching, Bob. Good job.