Monday, May 28, 2007

Match Game

Gene Rayburn: Dumb Dora said... Charles Nelson Reilly is... blank?

Brett Somers: Hi Gene! (something we should all practice). I said (pulls out card)....Dead!

(audience burst out in canned laughter)

It's true. I read today that actor/Match Game panelist, Charles Nelson Reilly passed away Friday at the age of 76. Hearing this news brought back memories of my brother Brian and I, watching Match Game '76 and yelling out double-entendre answers to Gene Rayburn's dubious questions.

It was an innocent time.

I never had a chance to meet Charles, but I did meet Rayburn (Match Game emcee) several times. He used to ride my train to and from Pelham Station in Westchester County. The first time I saw him (about 12 years ago), I was shocked by how old he looked. His face hadn't changed much from his television heyday, but his back was now hunched over and he shuffled when he walked.
The last time I saw him, I told him that Brett Somers (one of the celebrity panelist) frequently rode my train. He complained that Brett never called him, and if he didn't make the effort to call her, he would never hear from her. I offered to tell Brett to call him. "You do that," he said. Gene passed away a few months later. I haven't seen Brett since.

I once had occasional panelist/actress Anita Gillette on my train. She was returning to New York after attending her son's graduation from Yale. I remembered her name after racking my brain for several minutes. She was impressed that I remembered. So was I.

Doesn't it seem that celebrities are dropping like flies lately?

Maybe I'm just getting old.


Neva said...

Time marches on for all of us...some just faster than others. I really enjoyed Charles Nelson Reilly...

Anonymous said...

The Match Game was a great show! Occasionally you can catch an episode on the Game Show Network. It's still just as funny as it was years ago.
I remember Charles Nelson Reilly from the show "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" too. That was a *long* time ago. Man, I'm getting old!

Jeff said...

the match what?

Anonymous said...

He was also very funny on Hollywood Squares and Laugh In. He was a funnier version of Paul Lynde!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

My grandmother watches the old reruns of Matchgame on the game show network. I usually catch myself playing along. I do find it very funny and entertaining....It looks to me that every now and then that Richard Dawson may have had a cocktail or two before the tapeing.

Anonymous said...

Always liked a little match game action in the day. Caught it on the TV not long ago and was surprised at the set decor and celebrities fashions...made me feel a little older.