Friday, March 23, 2007


Yahoo!!! I won first prize in the NCAA college basketball bracket pool.

What's that you say?

The NCAA basketball championship hasn't been decided yet?

Not to worry folks. I'm convinced I'll win, because I know THE SECRET.

Let me explain.

About two weeks ago, my niece sent me an email, inviting me to enter a NCAA bracket pool competition. Around this same time, my sister Kathy called my wife, and told her about a wonderful new book called THE SECRET. She said that through the power of positive thinking, we could improve every aspect of our lives-money, health, relationships, happiness, just by asking a higher power for it. The "laws of attraction" will realign the universe and make our wishes come true.

Back in the day, I think they called this praying, but I guess someone needed to write a book, so atheists could have something to hope for too.

My wife and I got caught up in my sister's excitement, so we went out that night and bought the book. We found it in our local Stop & Shop, (side note: once Oprah gave this book her seal of approval, it's been impossible to find, but my wife and I found it immediately. Coincidence? I think not.)

When we got home that night, my wife went to bed and read THE SECRET, while I poured over my NCAA brackets and chose my winning teams. When I went to bed, my wife read me a few book excerpts, and we talked about the future millions we'd make.

Just by asking, we'll finally get a new deck. We'll put on a new roof. We'll go on fancy vacations. We'll drive luxurious cars. It's like rubbing a genie's latern... but wait...maybe I should start small:

"I want to win the NCAA bracket pool," I said.

"You can't want to win," my wife said. "You have to envision that you've already won."


Yahoo!!! I won first prize in the NCAA college bracket basketball pool.


Gorilla Hero said...

Not to be a jerk or anything, but I just checked - best case scenario for you is 5th place and that's if Ohio State and Florida play in the last game and Ohio State wins.

You shouldn't have picked UNC...I'd like to think it was your loyalty to me that made you choose Carolina and not because they were ranked no.1. We are all sad here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it worked for me. I visualized winning that basket at the silent auction and I did win!!!

Okay, I upped my bid (a little) to do so, but isn't that the whole idea of the "The Secret"...being in charge of your destiny. Besides, they took away all of the clipboards with the bids while I was in the bathroom--I didn't know I won until they read my name...someone could have outbid me while I was "indisposed", but with my positive visualization, they didn't dare try!

I will try it again with the raffle I am attending on Thursday night and report back to you.

P.S. Maybe you would have won if you didn't keep checking the standings so were giving off an aura of doubt by doing so!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Hey, I did it again...this time I won a gift certificate to my favorite area breakfast restaurant! Are you in the mood for some pancakes or an omelet?

Bobby said...

Okay, so I ended up in 17th place out of 108 participants. I was in 5th place at one point though. Not bad for somebody who doesn't follow college basketball. Maybe there is something to this "Secret" thing.

Unknown said...

Nice post!

Unknown said...

No offense, but di you have something against atheists?