Monday, January 22, 2007

Reflections at 45

by Jack Johnson

I hope this old train breaks down
Then I could take a walk around
See what there is to see
Time is just a melody

I turned 45 today.
I guess I'm now officially middle aged...
that's if I live to 90.

I need this here
old train to breakdown
Oh please just
let me please breakdown

Some observations:
Martin Luther King Jr. made his "I have a dream" speech at 34.
Teddy Roosevelt assumed the Presidency at 42.
JFK was elected President at 43.

I'm a railroad conductor at 45.

And all the people in the streets
That I'll never get to meet
If these tracks don't bend somehow
And I got no time that i got to get
To where I don't need to be

My father died at 49.
Only four years older than I am now.

You can't stop wishing if you don't let go
Of the things that you find and you lose and you know
You keep on rolling, put the moment on hold

Maybe it's time to stop and smell the roses.

The wisdom's in the trees not the glass windows

I got to break on down
But I can't stop now


Anonymous said...

And where did being famous get those people?? It might be better to hob-nob with the rich and famous than to be famous. Not everyone should be the President of the United States...not even the President of the U.S.A.
Do you think all these busy people have time to stop and smell the roses??? I think it might be better to be the best Conductor to the Stars around. The train might be going fast but you can control how fast you walk down the aisles!
Sometimes it's just better to spend the time on what really matters, family, friends, home, being creative...reaching one goal at a time. Gather ye rosebuds where ye may...

Anonymous said...

i love that song....Happy birthday you..Little Kelly

Anonymous said...

you stop and smell the roses each time you write a story and post it on your site. and you let us who read them stop for a bit and enjoy your roses too. happy belated birthday bobby - and keep sharing your wonderful rose garden with us ! karen keeney

(i tried to post a comment before and must have done something wrong - hope it doesnt appear at some unexpected time!)

Tony Alva said...

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog all afternoon it's been so fun it kinda reminds me of this blog it's a taxi driver in Alabama. Well big surprise no famous people in his cabs but it's still pretty cool.

I like your stories about the crazies on the train better than the movie star stories, but I did like that story about that lady on Saturday night live that was kewl.