Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Me: Do you know what today is?
Daughter: Valentine's Day?
Me: Yeah...but it's also the one year anniversary of my blog.
Daughter: Wow!!! It's your blog-iversary!!!

A year ago today, I started writing "Derailed." Little did I know that it would become my obsession and take on a life of it's own. In the past year, my stories have been mentioned in articles in The New York Times, The New Haven Resister, and they'll soon appear (in excerpts) in an upcoming WAG magazine article. "Derailed" has also been discovered by my fellow bloggers, and has been mentioned in blogs like: Case-notes from an artsy asylum, Stupidity, and My dirty life and times. It's even been discovered by a group of rail fans in Australia (where I now how a small following) and my Cape Cod vacation story somehow showed up on a now defunct website called "Lobster-facts.com."

After my union put a link to this blog on it's website, readership really shot up. It's pretty cool to hear coworkers quoting my blog or discussing my stories.

My wife has been a pretty good sport about sharing our private conversations and family stories. She tries to keep me honest, and occasionally takes exception when I embellish a story. Sometimes, she says, I really make her sound like a b---h. I call it "poetic license" she calls it "exaggeration."

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I'm hyperlinking my Valentine's post from last year. It's called "Cupid's Lost and Found".

Thanks for the inspiration, Cara.


Jim said...

congratulations from your Aussie Railfans

Cara said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

happy aniversary......They have trains down under?!!

Jill said...

How can I NOT make fun of someone who orders "Poppycorn Dressing"!! I can't help it that you supply such great material for familia ridicule! Laughter IS the best medicine after all.

I just don't always like your taking "poetic license" with what I say or how I might say it. I'm not ALWAYS a B----!

I love you!

Tony Alva said...

Your wife provides editorial oversight to your blog too eh? Happy anniversary to you and your fine blog. It saeems that we both have become obsessed with the blogging form.

MotherOf3Guys said...

Happy Anniversary and thanks for all the great stories! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog...it has opened a whole new way of looking a trains for me! Keep up the good work.
PS Your blog wouldn't be the same without the wife comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chap, if you want information about the old New Haven follow this
I don't believe there is a question out there in regards the N.H. that someone on the forum wouldn't have the answer to.
I have met a couple of people myself in my time in passenger service, when I used to run the
last or sometimes the second last train out of GCT. They were usually headed for Westport.

Tom said...

Congrats Bobby! You've definitely provided some great entertainment to me over the last year. Keep up the good work!