Sunday, May 04, 2008

A day at Yankee Stadium with my family...Priceless

Today my wife and I took our daughters to the Bronx for their first New York Yankees' game. Recently, I'd been given two free tickets from a friend and all I had to do was shell out $95 (plus shipping and commission) for two additional tickets from StubHub (believe it or not, my wife was able to buy two tickets for seats next to our original two). This, coupled with the fact that my family gets free train rides on Metro North, made me feel like I was getting a real bargain. The weather was picture perfect...this was adding up to be a great day.

Then, I got to the stadium...

Outside the ballpark, I noticed a street vendor selling hot dogs. I suggested that we buy our franks here instead of paying exorbitant prices inside the stadium. My wife gently reminded me that this was our daughters' first time at Yankee Stadium and buying hot dogs from a stadium vendor was part of the whole experience.

Four hot dogs bought from stadium vendor= $20 + tip

Sometime around the third inning, the people sitting in front of us came back to their seats with a big cup of french fries. "Dad," my younger daughter said, "will you take me to get french fries?"

Large fries (add cheese) = $8.50

Three sodas in souvenir cups = $18

One pretzel = $5

As is baseball tradition, we sang "Take Me Out to The Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch. This made me hungry:

Bag of Cracker Jacks = $6 (It was really $5.75, but being a big spender, I let him keep the change.)

I started to mentally add up what I'd spent and it was beginning to affect my enjoyment of the game. Then, someone walked by with "Dippin' Dots" in a little souvenir Yankee helmet. "Bob," my wife said. "should we get the girls ice cream?"

Two cups of "Dippin' Dots" in little souvenir Yankee helmets = $13

Like most teenage girls, my daughters are crazy about Derek Jeter. After the game, as we were leaving the stadium...

"Dad, can we get Derek Jeter T-shirts?"

Yeah, I know I could have just said "No" but I've been putting in a lot of hours at work lately and I'm suffering from overtime guilt. Besides, the Yankees just won...

Two Derek Jeter T-shirts=$45

Oh yeah....then there was the newspaper, magazines, Dunkin' Donuts run and beverages for the train ride. You can add it all up if you like, I just don't have the courage.

The next time someone offers me "free" Yankee tickets, I just might have to decline... I don't think I can afford it!


Jill said...

Yeah, but just think...

Now they already have the Jeter T-shirts, little souvenir Yankees helmets and soda cups!

Thanks for a GREAT day!!!

xo xo xo xo

P.S. I could already see this post materializing sometime around the 7th inning...LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

you didn't get peanuts??
that's the best - throwing the peanut shells on the ground in front of you.
I still have my Don Mattingly and Dave Winfield souvenir cups.

Tony Alva said...

Damn those Dippin' Dots!!!

Jeff said...

It's hard to beat a day in the sun watching some baseball and eating dippin dots. Regardless of the prices, that feeling of being at a game with the ones you love is certainly something that would be hard for me to pass up.

It's the getting to and from the stadium that is the deal breaker to me... i can't stand driving to get to a crowded stadium and then having to wait in the parking lot for 2 hours to leave.

Plus driving in DC sucks.

Jeff said...

I wanted to leave a separate comment for this statement.

Dippin Dot's RULE!

Jamie said...

Metro North Rules!!! Considering the fringe benefit of free rides to and from the stadium you saved a C note on the day.

Just remember George Steinbrnner's mentor was P T Barnum who said "their's a sucker born everyday"

Great story and I know you will do it again!!!!


MotherOf3Guys said...

I felt the same way about the circus!! They wanted $15 for a snow cone!!! That is just flavored water!! Family time is priceless though!!!