Thursday, December 13, 2007

Listening to Christmas Carols with my daughters

I'm Dreaming
of a White Christmas
Just like the ones
I used to know...

Hey girls, that's Bing Crosby... He's dead.

Chestnuts roasting on an
Open fire
Jack Frost nipping
At your nose...

You know who that is? That's Nat King Cole...he's been dead for a long time now. Lung cancer....I think?

Have yourself a
Merry little Christmas
Happy New Year too...

Oh! Oh! Oh! That's Karen Carpenter...anorexia nervosa...a real tragedy.

God rest ye
Merry Gentleman
Let nothing you dismay...

That's Robert Goulet, and guess what?

Yeah, we know. He's dead.

Correct!... So recent too!

Adeste Fideles
Laeti triumphes
Venite, venite
In Bethlehem...

Luciano Pavoratti....Morto!!!

Dad...Can you please turn off the radio? You're depressing us.


LittleKelly said...

guess u got to use the computer

Tony Alva said...

Must hqve been a busy on line season at Bobby's, either that or he's had a block. Anyway, glad to have you back.

Hey BTW, an option for the log jam at your place might be a cheap Ebay laptop and a linepower networking kit. You plug a cable from a router into this block that plugs into the wall and with another of these blocks, any power outlet in the house becomes an internet connection.

If you're interested tap me an email and I see if I can't muster a kit for you for Xmas.

Andrew said...

You know around this time we are suppose to be in the Christmas season. Too funny and while the Christmas songs are playing you keep saying he's dead and she's dead. Like I said you are way too funny.